Dental Services

At each regularly scheduled appointment your mouth will be thoroughly cleaned and examined for wear and damage to your teeth and gums. We also provide complimentary oral cancer screenings to aid in the early detection of oral cancers.

Teeth Whitening

Whether your teeth have darkened from childhood medication, improper care, tobacco, or consumption of foods known to stain, we can help. We have both a take-home kit and in-office program which uses a gentle carbamide peroxide gel by Opalescence.


Sealants help protect the grooves on the chewing surfaces of your molars, premolars and other vulnerable areas. These depressions are difficult to keep free of food debris and bacteria, and the sealants add an extra layer of protection on top of your enamel. Sealants last for years, but should be checked at your regular appointments.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride helps to protect your teeth from the demineralizing acid attacks caused by the plaque and sugars in your mouth. It strengthens your enamel, thereby preventing cavities. We can evaluate the level of fluoride in your drinking water and supply supplements if necessary.


Veneers are used to protect and correct the appearance of thinned or permanently discolored enamel, broken, crooked, or misshapen teeth, or spaces between teeth. These custom porcelain covers are a great alternative to painful procedures.


Similar to veneers, crowns can be used to protect and correct the appearance of a damaged tooth. Unlike veneers, crowns cap the entire tooth. You can select porcelain, gold, or acrylic resin for your crown. The treatment process generally takes two to three visits over a three to four week period.


Bridges fill a space that has been left empty by a missing tooth. Bridges prevent the shifting of teeth and eventual bite problems and help to keep your teeth healthy and looking great. There are three types of bridges offered at our office, Fixed, Maryland, and Cantilever, all used for a specific type of tooth loss. During your appointment with us, we will discuss what is best for you.

Root Canals

When a cavity has been left too long or a tooth is damaged beyond the reparative capabilities of a filling, a root canal may be necessary in order to preserve the natural tooth. During the procedure, Dr. Damelio will remove the decaying soft tissue from the internal canals and chambers of the tooth before filling the now empty space with a biocompatible material. The tooth will be covered with a temporary cap until you are fitted for a permanent restoration.

Implant Restoration

Implant restoration can be used in both the front and the back of the mouth for single or multiple replacements. The most popular implant is the root implant, which produces a replacement nearly as strong as your natural tooth. If your jawbone is too small for a root plant, we may recommend a plate form implant. If your jawbone has receded enough that no permanent implant can be placed, we may use a subperiosteal implant. It is even more important that you maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine after implant restoration work. If bacteria is allowed to thrive in your gum tissues, your jawbone may recede and destabilize your implants.

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal treatment is concerned with maintaining healthy gum tissue. Proper oral hygiene helps to maintain healthy gums, which are essential to a healthy mouth. When proper care is not taken, gingivitis, an infection of the gums, can begin to form. Gums are left swollen and discolored. If left untreated, it may advance to periodontitis; later stages of periodontitis may result in loss of bone surrounding the teeth and even tooth loss. Periodontists specialize in treatment of the gums and gum surgery.


Bonding is an alternative to veneers and crowns which involves little, if any, alteration to the shape of your natural tooth. It helps to correct chipped or cracked teeth, reduce gaps, and cover discoloration. During your appointment with us, we will discuss what material, plastic or resin, is best for bonding to your teeth.


Your temporomandibular joint, also known as the jaw joint, is a common source of recurring pain. If you are concerned about the health of your TMJ, we offer an exam and evaluation of the joint tissues. We can help detect swelling, damage, and deterioration, as well as provide treatment options. Treatment can range from the use of cold compresses and medication for pain relief to mouth guards and orthodontic equipment. If your disorder is severe, more invasive treatments may be needed. If you are experiencing what you believe to be TMJ disorder, it is advisable to avoid foods like steak, bagels, corn on the cob, chewing gum, and hard candies and lozenges.

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  • "I love coming to see Dr. Damelio. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, it totally eliminates the fear of of being at teh dentist. Dr Damelio also performs his work so well that I never feel pain and I am rarely in any discomfort. I highly recommend them for sure."
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